Working Capital Loans That Work For You

Working Capital Loans That Work For You

If your business needs fast and affordable funding, let's talk.

Kenmore Capital Corporation provides custom-tailored financing programs for small and mid-sized businesses throughout the United States.

In order to produce the best possible financing terms, you need to thoroughly understand the credit markets as well as the borrower's business. Experienced professionals who keep their fingers on the pulse of the nation's economy and painstakingly research the cycles and trends of the small business sector founded Kenmore Capital.

Our lending brokers understand the needs and pressures of today's small business owners and are committed to providing quick and reliable assistance in the form of working capital loans and cash advances specifically designed to solve immediate cash flow issues and eliminate future stress.

Funding sources are carefully selected from the top echelon of the nation's merchant lenders. Only lenders who have proven to be creative, flexible, meticulous, and thoroughly reliable are allowed to work with our clients. Together, we have partnered to provide over a billion dollars in working capital to:

  • Restaurants and Bars
  • Retail Merchants
  • Medical and Dental Practices
  • Manufacturers
  • Equipment Dealers
  • Trucking Companies
  • Construction Trades
  • Business-to-Business Wholesalers


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Client-Driven Services

Our guiding mantra is that we don't sell clients financial products they don't need. When you explain why you need money and your goals, we arrange affordable solutions that work for you.

Additionally, we work fast, even with products that require more time to process. Depend on us to help you acquire whatever funding your business needs on the best possible terms.

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