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About Us

About Us

At Kenmore Capital, we provide quick and affordable financing solutions for privately-held businesses of all types that are looking to acquire funding necessary for their continued growth and operation. These services can include refinancing options for clients that already have commercial loans. There is no deal too large or complex for us to handle.

Our senior management becomes personally involved in every transaction and possesses the unique ability to tailor each deal to the specific needs of a particular client. At the same time, we safeguard that client's rights and interests. This is an exclusive service that is unmatched in the finance business where the interests of the lender usually come first. At Kenmore Capital our clients come first and most continue to do business with us again in the future. We have a great rapport with everyone we help and are ready to get to work for you too!

Our History

Kenmore Capital was founded in 2010 by practicing attorneys who, for more than three decades, safeguarded the rights of small business owners before transitioning into commercial financial services, developing new sources of capital and arranging loans for small businesses.