Fast, Customized and Affordable

Fast, Customized and Affordable

At Kenmore Capital, we understand that when a business needs funding, they need it quickly, they need it to be as inexpensive as possible and it has to improve their overall financial health. Our application process takes minutes, offers are presented that same day and funding typically occurs within 24-48 hours. And, most importantly, we guarantee to our clients that any offer we present has been priced as low as possible given the current market conditions and will leave them more financially secure than before.

Need-Based Financing

Our specialty is tailoring finance strategies to the specific needs of our clients. There are two basic means by which business owners can obtain immediate access to working capital without having to post collateral: a merchant cash advance or a bank loan.

Cash Advances

A merchant cash advance is not a loan: it is a sales contract whereby the funding source agrees to purchase a future volume of the business' sales at a discounted amount. Repayment is debited directly from the business' checking or merchant processing account in small daily or weekly amounts until the purchased sum has been repaid.

The amount of those payments can be based on either an agreed upon percentage of the business' sales or a fixed daily or weekly dollar amount—whatever best suits the circumstances of the particular borrower. Either way, large, burdensome monthly payments are eliminated. And, when the payment amount is based on your sales, you'll never have to pay more than what you can afford! When sales are down, so is the payment! 

Every transaction is different, of course, but most merchant cash advances are designed to be repaid within 6-18 months. However, in cases where the payment amount is based on a percentage of sales, regardless of how long it takes to complete repayment, the borrowing business will generally never have to pay any more than the amount originally agreed upon.

Another great feature of cash advances is that the personal credit of the business owner is typically not a deciding factor. What's most important with this type of financing is the deposit volume, average bank account balances and infrequent overdrafts or returned items. Simply put, if a business has consistent cash flow it will almost always qualify for a merchant cash advance, even if the owner has poor personal credit.

Bank Loans

A bank loan is exactly what its name implies. It is a true loan in all legal respects. The interest payments are fully deductible and the amount of the loan and repayment status is generally reported to the credit bureaus.
Bank loans usually allow the borrowing business to obtain greater amounts at lower rates and for longer terms than merchant cash advances. However, the underwriting standards are often more stringent. In most cases, repayment is structured similarly to a merchant cash advance with small daily or weekly debits taken from the business checking or processing account until the loan is repaid--thus eliminating large monthly payments.

SBA Loans

Additionally, we provide $10,000-$350,000 bank loans underwritten by the Small Business Administration (SBA). These loans have interest rates that are currently between 6-8%, 10-year terms, and once-monthly payments.
This SBA requires you to have pretty good credit, typically a minimum of 680, but don't be discouraged. We can look into other options that may work just as well for you.

Commercial Real Estate Refinancing

Our team has been very successful developing new sources of capital for businesses that own their building or other real estate. In addition to our unsecured financing products, we also offer a variety of real estate backed loans to refinance commercial mortgages at more favorable rates and extract equity. Again, poor credit is typically not an issue.